How UBC Copes With the Pandemic
Sunday School
If you have any photos from Sunday School, please email them to webmaster@UnionBaptistChurchOfJennings.Org
The Celestial Choir
Please send any photos you may have of the Celestial Choir to webmaster@UnionBaptistChurchOfJennings.Org
G.C. Chaney Youth Choir
Ministers to the congregation through singing
The Red Circle
The members of the Red Circle are involved with singing, praise dancing, and fellowship.
Sunshine Band
The children of the Sunshine Band are taught how to be Christians at an early age.
Children's Church
The children have a separate worship service which is specifically designed for them.
Praise and Worship
The Praise and Worship Ministry prepares the congregation for worship through the use of uplifting music.
Lydia Circle
The Lydia Circle helps provide school supplies and uniforms to those youth who are in need.
Laymen's League
The Laymen strengthen our boys and young men into becoming solid Christian men for Christ.
We Care Ministry
Sis. Ida Francis, Sis. Agnes Allen, Bro. Raymond Segura, SR and Bro. Curley McZeal
Media & Technology Ministry
Responsible for the sound, lighting, visuals, and recording of the worship service.
Counting Committee
Gives an accurate account of the offering to the financial secretary
Culinary Team
Prepares and serves food for various functions.
Women's Auxiliary
The Women's Auxiliary supports mission work at the district and regional levels.
The Usher Ministry
Promotes and atmosphere of reverence and worship while escorting church members and guests to their seats.
The Deaconess Ministry
A group of Christian women who were appointed by the Pastor to assist with the preparation of the observation of the Lord's Supper.
The Deacon Board
The Deacons meet monthly with the Pastor to discuss pertinent issues regarding the welfare of the church.
UBC Youth Department
Valentine's Day activities.
The Mentoring Ministry
Adult mentors provide leadership, encouragement, and guidance to the youth in our area.
How UBC Copes with the Pandemic
Phase II
Essential Workers of UBC
Essential Healthcare Workers of UBC
Union Baptist Church Tutoring Program
The directors of the UBC Tutoring Program are: Sis. Kim Harris and Sis. Lori Cummings. Tutoring takes place every Monday from 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM.
Church Greeters
Members and Visitors of Union Baptist Church are welcomed and greeted by Sisters: Rita Riley, Lydia Breaux, and Symone Davis.
Circle Of The Chosen
The Circle Of The Chosen consists of ages 9 through 21. Please contact Sis. Pearlie Guidry, for details.
The Act Of Ordination
Deacon Kenneth Charles, SR
Union Baptist Church prepares to return
UBC prepares
Union Baptist Church returns to the Lord's house
UBC Returns